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This section explains and allows access to the systems listed below that are used by clients of Medway Travel.
This section explains and allows access to the systems listed below that are used by clients of Medway Travel.
Please click on these indexed  links to go to the relevant self booking tool icons, and please contact us if you require assistance in their use.
For many other useful links from this website, click here.

Airline On Line Check In Links

Please follow the links below to access the relevant Airlines On Line Check In Facility.

Aer Lingus

Air Canada

Air France

Air India


American Airlines


Austrian Airlines

British Airways

British Midland

Cathay Pacific

Continental Airlines

Delta Airlines

Easy Jet


Fly BE


Jet Airways



LOT Polish Airlines



Ryan Air





United Airlines

US Airways

Virgin Atlantic

ESTA Electronic System for Travel Authorisation

Travellers to the US should be aware that the ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorisation) operated by the US Authorities is now compulsory.

Medway Travel recommends that the visa is applied for prior to making travel arrangements, as those who receive a non-authorisation to travel on ESTA will not be able to use this as a valid reason when claiming on travel insurance for any non-refundable trips.

If you are a regular traveller to the US, we suggest that you apply in advance of making any travel reservations.

The information required is the same as one historically required to be completed on board the aircraft i.e. the green visa waiver form (I-94W). However, the authority needs to be applied for at least 72hrs prior to departure. We therefore suggest that regular travellers to the United States should apply by logging on

Once applied for, you will be given an immediate response, either giving or denying authority to travel:

  • Authorise
  • Not Authorised: in this case the passenger must obtain the authorisation through an Embassy or Consulate before departing for the United States
  • Pending Authorisation: the passenger must check the ESTA website over the following 24 hours

Once the trip is authorised, passengers receive an authorisation ID number that will be required at the airport check-in or upon arrival at a port.The electronic authority is then valid for 2 years or until your passport expires if that is sooner.

The details you are asked to complete online are Passport details, Flight number, destination address and questions regarding communicable diseases, arrests and convictions for certain crimes, plus past history of any visa refusal.

This information is in addition to the requirement to submit APIS data that we request from you prior to travel to the US.

Due to the level of personal information required when applying for the ESTA, we do not feel it appropriate for Medway Travel to apply for this on your behalf. However, if you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note that even when approved, this does not guarantee entry into the United States. ESTA approvals only authorise passengers to make the journey to the US under the terms and conditions of the Visa Waiver Programme (see for more information).

BAA Airports

For British airport information please click here

For latest security restrictions and regulations at BAA airports, click here

Online Management Information

Although Medway Travel Management usually achieves extensive savings on business travel spend, we believe it is important for financial decision-makers to be able to monitor their company’s travel expenditure.

We therefore not only provide hard copy reports for occasional use, but for clients wishing to monitor their travel spend on a regular basis, an online reporting facility can be made available for a modest fee. This may be accessed at any time and allows overview reports to be analysed in great detail by drilling down to individual travellers or particular trips. Data may be downloaded either as PDF copies of pre-designed reports or converted to Excel for further analysis.

Our online reporting allows you to ensure that your travel spend is in compliance with your company’s travel policy and budget. Reports can be subject to different levels of security to limit access to company and departmental/cost centre information to authorised individuals only.

Please ask our Client Account Manager for further details.

View your Itinerary

The ViewTrip facility allows you to view the detailed real time itinerary of your confirmed bookings

After clicking on the Hyperlink that your Medway Travel consultant generates and sends you by email, you can view and print your online travel documents – i.e. your E-ticket receipts.

Wireless applications which can access the Internet can access ViewTrip. To access your ViewTrip itinerary via a wireless application, go to, then:

1. Select preferred language from the drop down list.
2. Enter the 6 character reservation number provided by our consultant, for the itinerary you would like to view.
3. Enter the last name of the passenger corresponding to the 6 character reservation number.
4. Click “Sign In”.

ViewTrip also provides valuable information on the following:

· Maps
· Weather
· Travel alerts
· Passport/Visa information
· City guides
· Restaurants with a booking facility
· Flight Tracker(North America)
· Currency converter

Travellers to the US should be aware that the ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorisation) operated by the US Authorities is now compulsory. Please use this link to read more about it

Please email your consultant on or contact us if you have a problem accessing your itinerary. Alternatively, the following my help to resolve any remaining concerns:


How to make the most of our ViewTrip on-line itinerary facility

Once we have researched your proposed trip, you will receive an on-line copy of your suggested itinerary via our Travelport ViewTrip facility,

If for any reason you do not receive the email, please contact us as your booking can also be retrieved using your last name and the PNR (a computer generated random combination of letters and numbers), which is the reference – “booking locator” – unique to your booking.

The email you receive will include all the features of your booking which have been reserved for you. This includes all flights, (except Low Cost Airlines), hotels and car rental reservations.

When first sent to you, these are generally ‘real’ reservations held on option but not ticketed. They are only confirmed once you have had the opportunity to review the booking to make sure that it meets all your requirements. We will include a note of the fare and the “ticketing deadline”. Cheaper airline fares may only allow a same day, 12 or 24 hour “decision window”. After this period, the fare will be lost, although itmay be possible to re-book at the same fare. Even so, no fare can be guaranteed by anyone, until it has been ticketed, which we do once we have had your confirmation.

If you wish to respond with comments, observations, additions and/ or changes, you can simply use the “reply to sender” button, or call your consultant.

We kindly ask you always to check what has been sent to you. Errors can be made – we are all only human!  Make sure that the dates and days are correct and please check the spelling of any names are exactly as displayed in passports.

In case there are schedule changes we have not been able to advise you about, you may find it worthwhile to check ViewTrip from time to time while you are away.

For regular travellers, we create an electronic “profile” which is copied into the booking and contains whatever details you choose to provide. Generally it will include ALL frequent flyer numbers you hold, any seating preferences (which may or may not be actioned by the airline, depending on fare type booked), your email address, passport number and mobile phone number. It is always helpful for us to have the latter in case we are notified of any significant itinerary changes by the airline while you are partway through an itinerary.

Please do take a moment to explore this ViewTrip section of our website. There are many interesting features including the ability to download information to various devices.

Rail Timetables

Click here for full rail timetables for the UK.

When you have selected the route and times that suit your purposes, contact us to arrange the purchase of your ticket.
There are many hundreds of stations in the UK at which we can arrange a ticket on departure for you. To see more about how this system works, click here.

Advanced Passenger Information or API

Due to regulatory and legislative requirements issued by the governments of the following countries, passengers travelling to these countries are now required to supply to the airline the information listed below, prior to travel, before checking in for their flights or they will be not be allowed on their flights.

We will advise you if the countries you are travelling to require API, but the following are amongst those that do:

  • Antigua
    China(except Hong Kong)
    Spain (compulsory from 13 June 2007)
    South Africa
    United Arab Emirates

To use this facility, please click the this link:

The following is the relevant information:

  • Full name (last, first name, middle – if applicable)
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Citizenship
  • Travel document type (normally passport and alien/permanent resident card if applicable)
  • Passport number
  • Passport country of issue
  • Passport expiry date
  • Country of residence
  • Full address of your accommodation on the first night in the USA (USA only ) – including the zip code
  • If you are in transit, your final destination.

A majority of this information is in your machine-readable passport, and it must correlate exactly.However the last two important items of information will need to be provided each time you travel. 

The airline industry has developed a system to collect API from passengers on behalf of immigration.

Medway Travel does all possible to assist the process by asking you when booking, to provide the required data. In addition we provide a facility for you to complete the API prior to travel. This will be stored for use on your future trips, and is accessible by our consultants to pass on to the airline at the time of booking. However, we recommend that you still have the information to hand when travelling in case you are asked again at check-in.

We must ask you to take great care in keeping your record updated with any amendments or changes to the API held on the system. We regret that Medway Travel cannot accept any responsibility for the consequences, if this data is found not to match that shown in your travel documents.

The requirement for API inevitably can cause delays at check-in. We must also stress that failure to supply API will result in denied boarding. Although this additional regulation means more work for us all, it is designed to secure the safety of both travellers and residents.

Should you have any concerns or questions, our staff will be pleased to assist.

Reminder: Passengers travelling to and from the USA MUST now be in possession of a valid Machine Readable Passport. If you are in doubt as to whether or not your passport is Machine Readable, you should contact your Embassy in the United Kingdom, or if a British passport holder, visit

Business Taxis

This is a stress-free and secure means of short to medium range travel, provided by trained and trusted local drivers in good quality cars. We will be happy to book these for you, but offer this on-line facility in case you wish to arrange it yourself, at short notice or even after your arrival at the destination.

If you wish to have access to this facility, you will need a password, so please contact us.

This link will enable you to book a car to meet you anywhere in or near most major cities world-wide, including their airports, and take you to any destination you specify in that region.

Personal Travel Profile Form

Clients of Medway Travel can complete our Travel Profile Form so that we have all your travel preferences available for each time that we make you a travel booking. This ensures that we can quickly and easily book your travel and that we will always do our best to arrange the facilities for you that match your preferences.

Completion of the Travel Profile Form is done on a secure page and when you submit your details they will be securely transmitted to our database. Please click the following link to access the Travel Profile Form:]

Travel Insurance

We offer a wide range of travel insurance packages to cater for the precise needs of our clients’ travel requirements.

You can choose either to ring us or use our     online insurance quotation system.

Medway E-Traveller self-booking tool

Medway e-Traveller enables you to make your own travel arrangements via the Internet whilst capturing company travel policies and individual traveller preferences. Each booking is also quality checked by one of Medway Travel Management’s team of qualified Travel Consultants to ensure best value is being achieved.

Medway e-Traveller provides access to a live booking system allowing the research and booking of a complete range of scheduled airfares, millions of our specially contracted airfares, many low cost carrier fares and a large range of hotels and car rentals at very competitive rates.

Benefits of Medway e-Traveller
  1. Allows you to search timetables of all major airlines and certain low cost carriers so that you can plan an itinerary and, in some instances, check seat availability.
  2. You can obtain an idea of the cost of your journey and see how costs might vary depending on different routes, flight times, acceptable restrictions and length of stay.
  3. Allows you to search for suitable hotels at your chosen destination. Provides a wealth of information, pictures and maps, to help with your selection. All available rates will be shown together with applicable booking and cancellation rules.
  4. Provides ability to book car hire at your chosen destination. Includes data about car classes, costs and terms for a number of well-known car rental companies.
  5. You can book directly using your Medway Travel account and be invoiced in the usual way.
Options Available

Medway eTraveller is available in 3 different levels, depending on what level of functionality is required.

e-Traveller Level One: Research-only tool

Level One allows you to research all your travel requirements before calling your Consultant to finalise the booking. A basic travel policy can be built in to Level One, which will help to narrow the search.

e-Traveller Level Two – Look and Book

Level Two gives you a partially customised site to include your Company logo and an upgraded travel policy which will enable you to control your travel and narrow your staff’s options further. Level Two enables you to look for your exact requirements (within policy) and then proceed to book the trips required.

e-Traveller Level Three – Full Service

Level Three provides the ability to research travel requirements, put bookings on hold awaiting authorisation, send proposed reservations to someone else internally for authorisation, and make any required cancellations.

Level Three can be fully customised to your exact requirements, including travel policies and any client-specific negotiated rates, and gives overall ownership of your travel reservations.

Management Information, Invoicing and Conditions of Sale

The details of all bookings made by your company on Medway e-Traveller will be captured and reported in our MI package, along with bookings we make on your behalf. The costs associated with such bookings will be invoiced in the normal way, with the appropriate fee and Airline Failure Insurance applied.

Our standard conditions of sale apply to all transactions arranged through Medway e-Traveller.

Please contact us if you have any queries

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