Belgian Rail Strikes

Belgian rail have planned strikes taking place from 10th to 11th July 2018. This is affecting all services and onward connections from approximately 03:00 on July 10th until the last train on July 11th.

Eurostar services are not affected but onward connections may be, preventing passengers from reaching their destination.

Flight disruption across France expected as public sector strike begins

Airlines have been forced to cancel scores of flights to, from and over France after French air traffic control unions joined the public sector walk-out.
Three unions representing French air traffic controllers joined the walk-out in solidarity with the nationwide public sector strike on Tuesday.
In all, French aviation authority the DGAC asked airlines to cut 20 percent of flights to, from and over France on Tuesday. In France flights leaving from Orly airport in Paris, Lyon and Marseille will be particularly affected although the DGAC warned that there would be “disruption throughout the country”.

Lufthansa to cancel over 800 flights

German airline Lufthansa has announced it will cancel ‘more than 800’ flights on Tuesday 10th April as public sector workers walk out on strike.

Frankfurt airport has warned of ‘significant delays and cancellations’ affecting many airlines and has asked travellers to check with their carrier if their flight is going ahead.

The strikes will also affect Munich, Cologne and Bremen airports, as well as local transport.