Travel Alert – Urgent Weather Disruptions

Airlines are warning of disruption to services at airports today, with rain, sleet and snow forecast for London and the South East of England.

British Airways have stated that “As a result of the forecast poor weather we have agreed with Heathrow Airport, National Air Traffic Services (NATS) and other airlines to reduce the afternoon and early evening flight schedules at the airport on Thursday January 12”.

BA also said that “The number of aircraft permitted to land by NATS at the Heathrow Airport from 1500 GMT on Thursday is likely to be significantly reduced as the airport’s ground teams may need to remove snow and ice from the airport’s two runways and multiple taxiways”.

The airline added that “Many aircraft will also have to receive de-icing treatment prior to departure to ensure that they are safe to take off”,

BA is advising passengers not to come to Heathrow “unless you have a confirmed booking on a flight that is operating”.

Passengers on short-haul services have the option of moving their flight to an alternative time / date up to Sunday January 15, if “you are due to travel on a short haul service that is scheduled to depart from or arrive at London Heathrow between 1500 GMT and 2359 GMT on Thursday January 12”.

More information on re-booking options, and what to do if your flights has been cancelled, is available in the Information section at

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