Victoria Merchant

I would like to say a huge thank you to you all, your persistence and good humour got me through last week, plus the final flight arranged got Patrick from Bodrum in Turkey to Valencia in time for him to attend the Grand Prix! I was calling so often I had to apologise, and not once did anyone make me feel I was being a nuisance (and I know I was!!!!) you all even said “no problem it is what we do” and when saying it I felt you did really mean it! I cannot think of another company with such a caring/efficient team, and I deal with a lot of companies. Medway Travel Daytime and Nightime were a pleasure to deal with and Gemma, Claire and Gary during the evening/early hours were also just as nice as the Daytime Team who know me only too well! I hope that this can be passed on to your Top Manager as I would like her/him to know how much I appreciate all your hard work, when at the same time that I was getting fraught, you just kept going, no matter how many flights I asked for!
Thank you very much for being there

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